Innovative Kids Art Classes

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Culturing a sense of creativity in children

Our art classes for kids focus on kids exploring their creativity and curiosity so that they unlock their potential in the field of art.

What's in the program?

The format for 4-6 yrs

The classes will take place on friday(6.15 pm ) and sat (12.15 pm)of every week.

Our course is as follows:
1.Art with literature
2.Art with creature
3.Art and craft/art attack
4.Art around the world.

Every class will start with a little information/story/short kids movie etc....and we will make our artworks inspired by them.
We will also learn about different techniques to draw and sometimes include a small activity that the kids can work on before the class.

All of the material will also be provided in a recorded format.


The format for kids ages 7-12 yrs old

The classes take place on wed thurs and friday .Live sessions at 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm.
I.e. two interactive live sessions and descriptive videos.
Our course is as follows:
1.Art appreciation(famous artist/illustrator)
2.Art with literature.
3.Art attack(topics like space,under the sea,farm etc)
4.Art appreciation(art movement/art form)

Its a balanced mix of both recorded and live sessions where we teach kids new techniques and material usage before making the final artwork.


How to begin? Convenient and Simple.

Click on the above link to pay Rs. 999 for the art class. After successful payment, You will receive all the details on your Whatsapp number to begin the class. Call on 9999823314 to request for a demo version.